18 August 2015

Scum-sucking toads.

Intellectuals by and large disgraced the twentieth century. With rare exceptions, they whored after strange gods, of which the most odious and overwhelming was power. Writers, artists, philosophers, historians, even musicians and architects, enthusiastically committed their talents to the service of one cause or another. This treason of the clerks spread like an epidemic, diminishing the world’s hard-won stock of wisdom and morality, and civilization is still reeling from it.

Why did so many intelligent men and women choose to serve power rather than speak truth to it as conscience and an honorable tradition of principled opposition dictated?[1]

The strange aversion 20th-century intellectuals had to recognizing and publicizing the utterly evil nature of communist regimes in the last century is a disgrace. The did their best to advance the fortunes of communists which involved a great willingness to conceal their crimes, distort the idiocy of their ideology, and cooperate with communist swine in the subversion of their own countries.

The greasy, conniving, radical Saul Alinsky even dedicated the book that was the bible of the young Barack Hussein Obama to Satan. What intellectuals on the left ever thought to highlight this fact?[2]

Far from objecting to one comma of this creepy work, leftist intellectuals lapped it up.

[1]  "Andre Malraux: Politicizing literature, fictionalizing politics." By David Pryce-Jones, The New Criterion, March 2005.
[2] The National Education Association even saw fit to give Rules for Radicals a glowing review. Does it concern anyone that these trolls have a big say in how our children are educated? (The link in my post to the NEA page is dead but the Wayback Machine has the page here.)

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