21 August 2015

Vox populi.

The left's ideal - a majority-black democratic-run country, to show the world the U.S. Had "overcome its racist past" - would be an entire country that looks and is run like Detroit, or any other majority-black democrat-led municipality. If there are any exceptions, I haven't heard of them.
~ Comment by Skeptical Thinker.
. . . What is missing is TRUTH in the news media. Most Americans don't have a clue about LBJ's cynicism or a Black Culture of Drugs, Dependence and Death .

The American Major Media began hiding the truth in the 1960s for twisted Liberal political reasons. Major American Universities began hiding the truth in the 1960s for the same reason. Slowly truth about the New Black culture of welfare, murder, dependence and hatred has disappeared into wishful Liberal thought Projections. Americans are not told the truth by the news Media.

Want proof? Imagine the New York Times calling for the arrest of Farrakhan for Conspiracy to murder. Imagine the Major Media reaction if a white preacher told his parish to murder Black people.

~ Comment by Heuisler.
The fight to end racism won't work because the "victims" of racism are the biggest practitioners of racism and hate.
~ Comment by MrRustyII.
I went to Dartmouth in the early 90s. Middle class white kid. Worked delivering pizza. Hated delivering to the self-segregated black dorm. The disdain for me was palpable....treated lower than scum...routinely stiffed on tips. First time I dealt with open racism These weren't inner city, poor black kids with chips on their shoulders. These were elite, upper crust rich kids with deep seated racism for the white servant class. They didn't know I was a fellow student, so they had no reason to shield themselves. They let it all out to see and it was pretty ugly.
~ Comment by MikeP2.
I ran into the same thing in college and law school. They didn't know jack sh!t about me, but by God, they hated me, especially the females. By the time I was out of school, I had no use at all for most black Americans and I have even less now. I don't care what bad things happen to them. They earned it.
~ Comment responding to MikeP2 by Blackgriffin.

All comments on "The Tragic and Complete Collapse of Racial Relations." By Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media, 8/16/15.


Pascal Fervor said...

Related in a way. And I'm not sure it matters unless it exposes a weakness of a very nasty enemy.

You left a comment at GoV with the following "Still, I do have a particular fondness for the public knowledge that H. started his political career in the living room of two communist terrorists, one of whom has been photographed standing on the American flag in some Chicago alley."

Among the things nobody seems to have noticed is that the photo of Ayers appears to be Photoshopped in the region of the fly in his jeans. It looks more worn and white than all the rest of the jeans.

Everyone, such as you, mention that he's only stepping on the flag. Noticing the alteration in the photo suggests he's actually urinating on it.

What I've wondered is why would he alter it if he did? He certainly exhibits no worries about retaliation for more murderous crimes ("Guilty as hell Free as a bird.")

I suspect he sees it as too beneath him to appear exposed in public. His own self-esteem would suffer. Thus I further suspect that he didn't actually pee on the flag, (lest a real photo later surface) and only the photos you'll spot around the web are intended to seem badly Photoshopped, deliberately added purely for the greater insult to be inferred. Agitprop from a master.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Ayers is a smug man whose parents were never married to each other. Anything that speeds us to the goals of the original Weather Underground is fine with him. "We didn't do enough," as he admitted.

I examined the photo and I do see the lighter area around his fly. It doesn't look 'shopped to me, especially as my own jeans are lighter in color in the same place.

Your assessment of his true attitude is correct. He'd as soon piss on the flag as trample it underfoot. Much as I despise the man and believe that he loathes America, I don't think he's likely to do something as low-class as pissing on the flag.

His picture IS taken in a back alley out of sight of everyone. As though he were doing something shameful. Which he was.

Pascal Fervor said...

Fsir enough. Thanks for your follow-up observations.

Interestingly I had originally noted his smug but slightly squeamish smile in relation to what I imagined him doing, but deleted it.

The reason I passed on my thoughts was IF he thinks of exposing himself in public as being beneath him, it suggests there's a way to upset him. Wistful thought for a number of reasons. Mostly, that he has earned consequences far in excess than mere contumely. Furthermore, even if psy-ops were to succeed in causing him to became unglued, it is far too late for any benefit to us push him on to spill the beans because of it. It's no fun being so old as to do much more than suggests means to fight a battle long lost. :(