26 September 2015

Do white people do this?

Negro man viciously assaults 81-year-old gentleman.

Is the problem here that I've focused on the assailant being a negro? Or is the problem we witness in this video illustrative of the fact all too well known to us, namely, that negroes have disproportionately high rates of criminality? Could midnight basketball not forestall this?

California would not permit the victim here to arm himself to protect himself from this animal. And relying on the police was a worthless option.

So California ensures that its citizens (and illegal residents) are defenseless. Modern government at its worst. This is anarcho-tyranny. The state does nothing to deal with criminals who flourish but it tyrannizes over the law abiding with oppressive taxes, enforcement of petty regulations, and special privileges for political house pets. You can be sure if the victim had carried a weapon illegally, the state would have prosecuted him mercilessly. But had he done so he would have spared himself broken facial bones and bleeding in his brain. And his sense of security and the regularity of his society being shattered forever.

California, like Obama, wants compliant, helpless, disarmed, dependent victim-taxpayers not strong, independent citizens.

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