29 September 2015

Good questions for the candidates.

Read the questions here: "The Obnoxious and Important Questions I Would Ask At The GOP Debate." By Kurt Schlichter, Townhall.com, 9/14/15.

Which list raises the question, "Why will someone like this with hard questions never EVER get within a mile of a microphone at a presidential candidate "debate" or an actual president at a news conference?

Our actual and possible leaders are insulated from questions from actual citizens by a phalanx of hoplite infantry (whose services are not needed on any Greek frontier at this juncture).

How can this be healthy for the republic and aren't we seeing in this very sad fact all the proof we need that America is anything but a constitutional republic?

We have lost control of our government.

Politicians are not accountable to voters in the electoral process, they are safe from annoying citizens with hard questions, they are served by a press corps who would rather have sex-change surgery than ask a question about a serious issue (or report the truth), and they can finesse any inquiry from any citizen phoning or writing to ask specific questions. "Dear Valued Constituent: Thank you for your thoughtful letter. You and many others have asked similar questions that I have taken the liberty of answering in this letter . . . ."

H/t: Linda Fox.

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