September 10, 2015

Islam in action.

After all, history is very very clear and undisputed in this regard at least. Syria, Egypt, the rest of North Africa, Lebanon, and Turkey were all 100% Christian at one time. Now they are almost Christian-free. They have been made Christian-free by the Muslims who invaded and occupied them. The Christian-free status of these countries was achieved by imposing the dhimma, which reduces non-Muslims to less than animals. And those who made them Christian-free, instead of making them better countries, are now leaving those countries to move into 100% Christian countries of Europe because those 100% Christian countries are better.[1]
Debase, humiliate, drive out, diminish, deny, distort, degrade, subvert, destroy, kill. Move on. Repeat.

[1] "The invasion of Europe." By The Kafir, Gates of Vienna, 9/10/15.

Edited 9/10/15 to substitute a different picture. Original image was a fake.

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