01 October 2015

Lagging indicator.

Today, the Republican Party is haunted by the specter of White dispossession and ethno-politics. This is what the Trump phenomenon is really about, and this why Trump is loathed by establishment conservatives (FOX, the GOP, the “conservative movement,” et al.) and why he appeals—on an instinctive, unconscious level—to White Americans. White Americans recognize (again, in an instinctive, unarticulated way) that taxes and budgets are meaningless in the face of White dispossession. It’s only issues of immigration and demographics that really matter. Boehner is generally weak on the immigration question. Thus, he’s lost his base of power.

That said, I’m not particularly impressed with the putatively more “conservative” Republicans who are in position to take Boehner’s place. Indeed, they seem just as much products of the past as the current Speaker.

In the end, politics is a lagging indicator of social change. And the Right of the future is just now taking shape.[1]

Cantor's defeat, other electoral close calls for GOP establishment candidates, the amazing rise of Trump and the other non-politician presidential candidates, the appearance of the Tea Party a while back – these are harbingers of the new right.

At this moment, however, McCarthy should clearly go the way of Boehner as he's obviously in lock step with Boehner's views. The former has distinguished himself in absolutely no way as having any understanding of the madness of mass immigration or the poisonous ideas and actions of the Muslim, commie-loving freak in the White House.

But it won't matter. The resolution of our obvious unbridgeable national political and cultural divide will not occur in the short term. Economic crisis, if not collapse, will hasten this resolution but there will be a resolution in any event. Predictions are slippery things, especially about the future, but this nonsense is coming to an end.

The elevation of McCarthy to the speakership would be yet another indication of the failure of professional politicians, especially Republican ones, to just get a grip. Possibly unbeknownst to them, the world is in chaos because of U.S. policies (not of strictly recent vintage) and America has slipped into an oligarchic, interfering, moralistic, unrepresentative, unconstitutional, pathetic joke of its former self.

But it won't matter. Even another Democrat in the White House won't stop the unraveling. What's one more lunatic policy or initiative added to the towering stack we live with now?

When there is another Great Awakening -- as there will be -- all the treasonous, destructive policies of the left over the last 85 years will be swept away. There aren't 5,000 people in the U.S. today who can give a good account of what the First American Republic was all about so it's a vain hope that we will return to the purity of the Original Scheme.

It will be very different after The Great Upheaval, and possibly quite rough around the edges. I do not wish for there to be roughness and I have no idea what form it might take, but I do know if it bothers people at that future time, they can contemplate to their hearts' content all the things they could have done to frustrate or defeat the enemies of our Constitution.

Regardless, the new era will have two cardinal virtue -- (1) it will not see America ruled by fools, traitors, lunatics, and pussies and (2) its appearance will make every Muslim beyond the borders of any Muslim country regret they day that they were born.[2]

[1] "Boehner Killers." By Richard B. Spencer, Radix, 9/26/15.
[2] Diplomatic personnel excepted.

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