29 October 2015

Son of hyperbole alert.

Beware anthro-/capitalo-genic global warming.
What sort of grisly sentence shall we impose on the masters of the great capitalist carbon-industrial complex for their efforts to exterminate human (and other forms of) life by the turning the planet into a giant Greenhouse Gas chamber? The Nazis, to be sure, to be sure, killed in the tens of million, including six million Jews murdered with explicit genocidal intent. (The Allies and the U.S. also committed monumental war crimes, including the appalling atom-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki). But anthropogenic – really capitalogenic – global warming threatens to end the human experiment altogether. Exterminist Ecocide is hard to beat when it comes to criminality. [1]
Mr. Street cannot "completely escape" the "dream-like" image of "top oil executives being marched up to the gallows in the wake of a world Ecocide Trial." What he really and truly wants to say, I think, is we should kill those sons of bitches, at least that's what he appears to be after considering the title to his article.

Executions would take place after a "world Ecocide Trial," if Street's inner Dr. Strangelove were to take control of the outer Street. The "world" part would make it especially right. Rationality and justice are the hallmarks of what gets done at the "world" level as any leftist will tell you. The template he has in mind for that "dream-like" image of his is the hanging of Nazi leaders in 1946 in which their necks were not properly broken and they suffered "bloody head injuries" on the edges of the trap doors. This he describes in loving detail at the start of his article.

Noticeably absent in his article is any mention of the legality of this ecocide tribunal's exercise of jurisdiction, the ex post facto doctrine, or the idea of punishment only for crimes precisely-defined before the offending conduct. These minor details were defects in the original 1946 proceedings, but what's legality have to do with anything when you just know you're right.

Writing tip:

To amplify chances of publication on steamy leftist Counterpunch web site shoe horn in "capitalo-," "biofuels," "imperial profits," "carbon-industrial-complex," "smart," "cleaner," "sustainable," "rapacious," "precious,"[2] and "too late" into what you is writing and you is good to go.

[1] "Why Exxon Executives Deserve the Ultimate Punishment." By Paul Street, Counterpunch, 10/28/15.
[2] "[P]recious time, precious species, precious glaciers, precious rain forest, precious coral reef, and precious permafrost . . . ."

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