15 October 2015

That which cannot be mentioned.

Here is a BBC graphic of the route of the present invasion of Europe from Turkey:

Sea routes from Africa to Europe are not shown but migration from Africa is substantial.

Here is a map of the Greek and Bulgarian border with Turkey. The red line has been added to highlight the border.

The approximate length of the Greek and Bulgarian border with Turkey is 175 miles or 292 kilometers.

Here is a map of the Mediterranean with a red line drawn from the easternmost point on the coast of mainland Greece south past Crete and west to the Straits of Gibraltar.

The approximate length of the boundary quite arbitrarily drawn is 2,292 miles (or 3,987 kilometers).

The E.U. comprises a population of 508 million people and has a GNP of some $19 trillion (€16,7 trillion).[1]

The military forces of the following nations have the indicated numbers of active and reserve troops:

  • Poland, 635,000;
  • Greece, 458,000;
  • France, 399,000;
  • Germany, 325,000;
  • United Kingdom, 329,000;
  • Portugal, 251,000;
  • Switzerland, 212,000;
  • Romania, 153,000;
  • Spain, 139,000;
  • Denmark, 88,000;
  • the Netherlands, 80,000;
  • Hungary, 72,000;
  • Norway, 71,000;
  • Austria, 57,000;
  • Sweden, 40,000;
  • Czech Republic, 32,000; and
  • Slovakia, 14,000.[2]

Total military personnel in the above nations: 3,508,000 troops.[3]

Germany at one time was able to fight its way to the outskirts of Moscow (955 miles from the German border) but now it and Europe as a whole are, with 3.5 million troops, simply unwilling to interdict the invasion of the European heartland by enforcing a boundary of 2,467 miles (4,279 kilometers) against unarmed men, women, and children.

The de facto official position of all of these nations (excluding all or most of the E. European nations), is that the only thing that can be done is to surrender to the invaders and pay the jizya tax to them when they reach their lands.

Interdiction is simply not discussed. Instead, every opportunity is taken to choose an option for dealing with the invasion that

  1. passively accepts the decisions of hundreds of thousands of primitive and hostile third worlders to enter Europe as a matter of right,
  2. pleads with Turkey (that is encouraging the invasion) to stop the invasion, or
  3. otherwise adopts a posture of powerlessness and the complete abandonment of the initiative.
The civilizational gulf between Europe and the Islamic and African worlds is enormous but even this is studiously ignored, if not actively and zealously misrepresented. Or even welcomed.

Objection to the invasion in the European homeland is suppressed with a vengeance.[4] No voice can be safely raised to demand a reversal of Europe's suicidal course.

Billions of pounds and euros of military equipment lie idle when the survival of Europe is at stake. Billions more are spent just for the salaries of the troops. What use of these military forces do European leaders envision? When will they be used if not now?

Europe has chosen in this crisis to deploy nothing more than flowers, teddy bears, halal snacks, and sick smiles as the invaders swarm over their land.

How long will honorable and patriotic military men sworn to defend their lands stand idly by? The military's coming out of the barracks is never, ever mentioned, but individual acts of sacrifice and heroism are not now, and never have been, sufficient to rectify the smugness, the stupidity, and the betrayal of all national and European leadership.

Politics have failed.

There is no political solution. A gradual awakening of the populace that might gradually send patriots into the national governments will lag by years the point of no return as the invasion progresses. Bitter experience of the nationalist parties shows that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Nor will the Treason Class relent or compromise. If you doubt that, read what Vera Jourova said again.

So? What options are left?

[1] European Union .
[2] Additions to and omissions from this list are arbitrary. The intention is to give a general idea the military strength of Europe.
[3] Global Firepower.
[4] See comments at this link of E.U. Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, Vera Jourova.

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