11 October 2015

The Age of the Lie.

The German language has been reshaped and regulated bit by bit in such a way that it is now more difficult to use it for independent thinking than ever before. Discrimination, that is, differentiation, has in common understanding come to be the same as disparagement. Chauvinism,which is actually nothing other than the conviction of belonging to a group that is superior in some respect, has in common understanding come to be a general thought crime, since — according to the accepted doctrine of equality — there can be no superior groups, even if they exist to the tenth power.

The National Socialist became the Right — and so, in speech and thought, as evil incarnate — became the extreme opposite of the consequently “good” Left. That is why Leftists always talk about Nazis and never about National Socialists. . . .

* * * *

The German — thus intellectually amputated — is simply no longer able to defend himself. Not intellectually — he does not have the concepts. Not morally — he does not have the morality. Not militarily — he does not have the army. That is the condition of the Germans and their land. This completely whacked-out folk can be seen at present in train stations, with stuffed animals, signs with hearts painted on them and, balloons, welcoming those who will handle the last act of this drama. They no longer know what they are doing. They are, in the truest sense of the words, no longer of this world.[1]

It's not just Germany. The entire West has been subverted in this way and we are presently not only using a crippled political lexicon but we are awash in oceans of lies transmitted on the MSM conveyor belts.

Ours is the Age of the Lie.

[1] "Finis Germaniae: The End of Germany." By Max Erdinger, By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 9/11/15.

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