26 October 2015

Those thousand of U.S. air "attacks" on ISIS.

There is another story, "even more curious and telling than the others," that was not reported either. [Former Marine Gordon] Duff narrated that Russians discovered a "mysterious bombed area" located in Syria in close proximity to the Jordanian border.

"There is an area where no one has 'officially' bombed, not the Americans, not the Russians or the Syrians either but an area that had been bombed, just the same, not once but dozens, perhaps hundreds of times, abandoned villages bombed over and over according to the Russian commander, 'as though someone had nothing else to do'," the US Marine combat veteran underscored.
"You know, many had wondered how, after 6,000 American 'sorties' flown against ISIS, so little damage was done? Were they all flown against 'nowhere' because 'someone had nothing else to do?'" Duff asked.
"Evidence of Things Unseen: US-Led Coalition Has Something to Hide in Syria." By Sputnik, 10/25/15.

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