28 December 2015

And this guy is Obama's mortal enemy?

You can see why Obama wants to get rid of this guy. He doesn't talk in empty terms of "violent extremism" and "Islamism" but in terms of the virulent thinking on the part of identifiable Muslims. This is a man thinking about first principles: Who are the rabid dogs in the world? Here is his answer:
"This is a very complicated issue, not because of ISIS, because ISIS is an organization. There’s something more dangerous to be dealt with, which is the reasons. First of all, the ideology, something that’s been instilled in the minds of the people or the society in the Muslim world for decades now, because of the Wahabi institutions, because of the Saudi money that’s been paid to support this kind of dark and resentful ideology. Without dealing with this ideology, it’s just a waste of time to say we are going to deal with Daesh or al-Nusra or any other organization that belongs to Al Qaeda."

"So, this is something that should be dealt with on the long term; how to prevent those Wahabi institutions and Saudi money from reaching the Muslim institutions around the world in order to have more extremism and terrorism spreading around the world. This is first."

~ Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria.

Diana West has her usually cogent view on what is insane about U.S. policy. This another instance of this insanity. Assad is exactly the kind of Muslim we need to be working with. It's abundantly clear that he wants a secular state and isn't dead set on killing or ejecting Christians, Kurds, Druze, or Sunnis. Clearly he has popular support. Clearly the "civil war" is being carried on by foreign jihadis with foreign money. And with support from our NATO "ally" Turkey, especially in the area of facilitating the lucrative oil trade for ISIS.

Obama would rather give up his next ten vacations to Hawaii than even utter the word "Wahhabi." He lives to carry out the wishes of the Saudi Wahhabis and the Muslim Brotherhood swine who now operate inside our own government thanks to him. But Assad lays it right out there. The names and addresses of the enemies of civilization.

This is what is known as mental clarity.

"Agencia EFE interviews President Bashar al-Assad. 'This dark and resentful ideology.'" By Pundita, 12/11/15.


Anonymous said...

Assad is a Shiite. The Saudis are sunni. Naturally, he hates the Saudis, but I wouldn't take everything, or anything for that matter,that he says to the bank. As far as Assad and the House of Saud and Saddam Hussein and Usama bin Ladin all the rest go, we're comparing branches of the Crips or the Mexican Mafia. Or a deadly virus. Who gives a rat's rectum what the nuances of the religion is, either one of them will destroy what you have, take your women and horses and return to the sandbox before yo can say "Insallah'.

Prejudice is judgement prior to investigation, and by that principle I am not prejudiced against all Muslims--- only the armed ones. I have done the due diligence. They do not need speeches and understanding. They need to be shot. All of the armed ones. Let the unarmed ones, the ones that are left and who have taken the lesson from the deaths of their violent members, form a government of their own choosing on the bones of the dead.

The rest is politics and dragon shit.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I'm for taking out the armed jihadis and the more violently the better. Obviously, Obama is doing his utmost to pretend to fight ISIS, for one, but leave them free to trade all the oil they want and to burn, shoot and behead whomever they wish as well. No lesson is taught or learned by such a sick, dishonest strategy.

Islamophobia is an inaccurate word. I have a hatred for and aversion to Islam but I sure don't fear it. The leftists who think they can form an alliance with the Muslims concern me as they are obviously thinking they will control the Muslims in the end once they've served their purpose or, implausibly, that they'll coexist nicely.

Assad is an Alawite which I believe is a flavor of Shia Islam. I am not up on that particular distinction but Assad does seem to be a different breed of cat, like al-Sisi in Egypt. Assad is married to a Sunni and does seem to want a tolerant, secular nation. Christians, Druze, Alawites, Sunni, other Shia seem to all be fighting for the regime. Everywhere else the Muslim governments are burning down Christian churches and homes, killing and torturing Christians, and generally acting like a horse's ass.

If you know more about Assad then I defer to you but I've been attentive to the people who say "Assad must go" for the last month or so and I just don't have a very long list of reasons why he's such a monster. Quite the contrary in my view. The gas attack was meant to smear him and almost succeeded in justifying Obama's attacking Assad. The case against Assad has since evaporated. A great many civilian casualties in fighting between the Syrian army and the "rebels" and ISIS would not have occurred if we had not done our best to encourage and support the rebels and ISIS.

Assad appears also to have had extensive gas weapons, some of which may have been moved there by Saddam Hussein. Dunno. I don't know why anyone bothers with gas as it's such a dangerous and imprecise weapon for the user. BTAIM, it wasn't Assad's gas that was actually used. And as we had our own chemical weapons at one point, if not now, we can hardly say that mere possession is proof that one is an evil person.

I applaud your lack of patience and disinclination to get into extended debate about nuances in Islamic divisions. Muslims in general long since wore out my patience and it's not a conclusive presumption that anything and everything they do is hideous and a lie, but it is a rebutable one. The vast majority of them never will engage with Westerners honestly. Compromise on sharia is blasphemy for them and a capital offense. We can never coexist. Syria seems quite unique in seeming to have a truly diverse society, much as I hate that word. I'm inclined to give that to Assad and applaud him for it but in the long term his and his father's work is likely to be drowned in the eternal river of stupidity, lies and killing that really are the foundation of Islam.