23 December 2015

Is this something staring us in the face?

The ultimate plan is to smash any homogeneity that exists and replace it with a US-led imperial system that relies on brute force to maintain "peace and order."

This is much easier achieved if people no longer have anything remotely in common with their neighbors. The microcosm of this demonic system is already playing out on Main Street, USA, where local police forces are actually receiving military-grade weapons to use against the American people - while our national borders remain open to killers, rapists and drug traffickers from South America (!).

In Europe, the very same tragedy is playing out like a cold-blooded murder in broad daylight. Thanks to America's reckless foreign policy agenda, which went absolutely insane following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, NATO countries are being helplessly dragged into battles and regardless of the public outcry and protests against these illegal wars, which have already happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria - all of which have resulted - or soon will result - in failed states.

But the real failed states will eventually be the old colonial powers of Europe, which sit on the front line of the refugee tsunami provoked by the US that is now crashing across the region, threatening to engulf every city from Lisbon to Helsinki.[1]

The above is, shall I say, somewhat "out there" but is it really that far fetched? Is it far fetched compared to the insane "normal" way of conducting business?

Ask yourself what it is about multiculturalism, open borders, adulation of the foreigners, fawning over minorities, subversion of the constitution, and immigration madness (in Europe especially), among other things, that could have their origin in love of one's own people?

Applying the Holmesian principle I've discussed before, I conclude that once you eliminate here the impossible – love of one's own people as a motivating force – what you are left with, no matter how improbable, is the truth – hatred of one's own and a desire for the destruction of their homeland.

Step 1: eliminate homogeneity. Check.

[1] "US Elites Are Trying to Destroy Europe with Immigrants." By Robert Bridges, Russia Insider, 12/20/15.

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