30 December 2015

It's all just pretext.

Just as the US has done in Syria, using ISIS as a pretext to involve itself directly and militarily in the Syrian conflict without ever actually fighting ISIS, Saudi Arabia is seeking to create a plausible cover story to do the same.[1]
ISIS toads burned a captured pilot alive. And at least three others were hung by chains and burned alive. ISIS beheadings are lovingly photographed and distributed on the web.

If that isn't satanic, what is? Yet, we only pretend to fight them and we still will not cut off their funding by destroying the oil tankers in Syria and Iraq. We still smile smugly as the Saudis and Qataris provide ISIS and the al Qaida forces with cash. What have we become? The acts I've described are unspeakably cruel but the ultimate dishonor is our refusal to change our policy and, finally, speak the anathema long since overdue. We have become numb to the reality of evil.

It's all just been a lie. It marks U.S. leaders as the most dishonorable men and women on the planet after ISIS itself. One cannot be allied with ISIS and be other than indecent and unclean. To state it delicately, there's no clean end of this that you can pick up.

This is justified because we're really after Pres. Assad. Why exactly Bashar al-Assad is a serious threat to the security of the United States is something that has yet to be laid out by Obama. But the servile American press cry crocodile tears over Assad's barrel bombs as though it were some new height of depravity. Which it isn't. And when hundreds of thousands of Syrians are killed in battles that would never have been fought had not the U.S. undertaken to sponsor a war against Assad, well, that's Assad's fault because he chose to fight the God-forsaken Western "coalition" instead of meekly roll over because Obama has a wish to dabble in The Great Game. Punahou boy makes good.

On top of which, the disgrace of our doing this doesn't seem to bother the Republicans. Nothing bothers those time servers, back scratchers, and Chamber of Commerce lap dogs. But wait! The likelihood of a Trump presidency fills them with horror so they're not without emotion.

There's that, I suppose.

[1] "Saudi "Anti-Terror Coalition" a Facade to Hide Yet More Terrorism." By Tony Cartalucci, New Eastern Outlook, 12/30/15.

H/t: Land Destroyer.

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