14 December 2015

Muted despair.

I am 68. My Mother is 92. My Father lived til 93. I am very thankful that they were able to live out their lives without fear of poverty. I will not be able to. Though I have been working since seventh grade, I missed out on the pensions. Laid off for the last time at 62, I now look at the end of my life with great fear. The globalization of the economy sent my work to India. I don't begrudge them a growing middle class but I am no longer in one here. Their gains are my loss and I am very afraid. I am not a Trump supporter but I know the depths of anxiety he is appealing to.[1]
In short, she doesn't begrudge them her own job.

This woman is struggling to be reasonable and to appreciate the needs of the foreigners who have replaced her. Of all the presidential candidates out there, Trump is the only one who has articulated a desire to protect people like her from foreign competition. Yet, she cannot bring herself to support him.

Eight years under an affirmative-action community organizer who hates America and produced, reluctantly, a forged birth certificate is perhaps the definition of "normal" to her. Do other candidates appeal to her because they act like everything is normal still? Do sharp-edged truths unsettle her to such an extent that she will not grasp the only obvious lifeline?

She will sink further into marginal employment, a vastly reduced lifestyle, or penury while still being reasonable and understanding. Obviously, she's a decent soul but her decency will be the end of her. She actually does have non-negotiable interests in a vibrant American economy and is entitled to see Indians organize themselves to achieve the same for themselves. But she still cannot, or will not, see that.

[1] Comment by Gina on "Life in America: The 80's." By Bulldog, Maggie's Farm, 12/11/15.

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