16 December 2015

Something unclean.

The US is engaged in a vast “pivot” project to remove secular regimes that are hostile towards Washington, control vital resources from North Africa through the Middle East and across Central Asia, establish military bases wherever necessary, maintain the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and redraw the map of the ME in a way that best suits the commercial and strategic interests of its core constituents; the banks, the multinational corporations and the big weapons manufacturers.[1]
I'd add
  1. to advance the agenda of Saudi Wahhabism,
  2. to destroy Western nation states, and
  3. to destroy resistance to the elite formula for bankruptcy and murder by
    • undermining free speech,
    • fanatically encouraging mass immigration,
    • holding sham primaries and elections funded by the super rich,
    • using the MSM to propagate complete fairy tales, and
    • leaving our national borders undefended.
There was a time when we had an honorable foreign policy. That time has passed. Whatever that foreign policy is, it's not one that has been presented to the people of the U.S. And what has been presented is a lie.

Workable going-in assumption.

[1] "Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet." By Mike Whitney, The Unz Review, 12/15/15.

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