08 December 2015

The question of Obama's allegiance.

Farook’s neighbor [in San Bernardino] told the paper that over the past two years, Farook exchanged his Western dress for Islamic gowns and grew a beard.

These data points lead naturally to the conclusion that Farook and his wife were jihadists who killed in order to kill in the name of Islam.

But in America of December 2015, natural conclusions are considered irresponsible, at best.

In an interview with CNN following the shooting, US President Barack Obama said the massacre demonstrates that the US needs stricter gun laws. As for the motives of the shooters, Obama shrugged. “We don’t yet know the motives of the shooters,” he insisted.[1]

One gets used to the sight of seeing this freak of a man occupying the White House. Let's not forget, however, that his presidency is marked by forgery, evasion, well-funded concealment, and open discussion of his prior heavy drug use and his homosexuality. He has the stink of communism on him from his mentor, the card-carrying communist Frank Marshall Davis, from Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn (communist terrorists), and from his adviser Valerie Jarrett with her two communist connections (grandfather and father-in-law). His "pastor" of 20 years called on God to damn American and bestowed an award on the Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan.

A giraffe in Carnegie Hall would make more sense than this Man of Mystery in the Oval Office.

The Founders and Ratifiers relied on the Natural Born Citizen qualification for the presidency to deal with the problem of a president with divided (or no) loyalties. They did not foresee that that protection would be casually ignored, or that the schools and the mighty engines of the press would blanket the country with lies and distortions and raise evasion and concealment to new heights. They also did not foresee that the parasitic, destructive, and revolutionary intellectual force of socialism would enshrine mindless change as the summum bonum and attack centuries of custom and tradition, even common sense itself. Or that millions of citizens would come to believe that government is their friend and that they can vote for legislative theft from more productive citizens.

Hence the rise of Barrack Hussein Obama with a carefully chosen Muslim name, out of nowhere with a paper trail as thin as a regiment of lawyers could make it, to "lead" America in the age of Islamic terror and the revived 1400-year Islamic war on infidels.

This oddity, this freak says he doesn't know the motives of the killers in San Bernadino (I hate the cop jargon of "shooters"). It is a lie. It's obvious that Obama will do all in his power to hinder the development of any kind of a healthy appreciation of the dangers of having Muslims living beside us infidels in our own country. He will do all in his power to increase the numbers of those enemies in our midst. He will do all in his power to advance the interests of the Saudis and the Turks. The remainder of Ms. Glick's article shows the undeniable complicity of the U.S. and Turkey with ISIS. Supporting ISIS and undermining President Assad have been our number top priorities in Syria.

This man is no friend to Americans and that he has the power and respect historically due the occupant of the office of the presidency is an unspeakable tragedy, not something anyone should become accustomed to seeing.

[1] "Column One: America’s pathological denial of reality." By Caroline B. Glick, The Jerusalem Post, 12/3/15.

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