13 January 2016

A cataclysm, a new dark ages.

I commend Tiberge at Gallia Watch to you. She is always a source for thoughtful commentary on Europe, esp. France. This is an example:
The reality is that thanks to the political class Europe is entering a new dark age. Sexual assaults were just the latest in a series of catastrophes that EU leaders have inflicted on its peoples.

Through their determination to destroy the traditional concept of nationhood, promote open borders and impose cultural diversity their ideology has brought meltdown to Europe’s economies and terrorism to her streets.

No bunch of anarchists or enemy army could have caused such irreversible damage. The bitter irony is that their pro-immigration, anti-nationhood federalist dogma was borne out of revulsion at the Second World War.

Yet in practice their approach has led to the import of barbarism and anti-Semitism on an epic scale. In the same vein they presented the EU as a means of putting a straitjacket on Germany.

But actually the EU, through its fixation with free movement, has enabled a domineering, race-fixated Teutonic regime to play havoc with all our lives. Europe’s rulers will never admit the failure of their disastrous experiment.

They are desperate to maintain the illusion that multi-culturalism has worked. That is why there was such a ruthless cover-up by German authorities and broadcasters of the Cologne scandal until the news leaked out on social media.

Ridiculously the police at first claimed the New Year celebrations were “largely peaceful” and “relaxed”. The same impulse to mislead and minimise the abuses can be seen throughout the elite.

So the German public broadcaster ZDF justified its early refusal to report the news of the attacks because it did “not want to spread a bad mood. The migrants deserve better”.

The same impulse for deceit was shown by Left-wing commentators who tried to explain away the assaults by reference to poverty and language.

But why on earth is it our duty to accommodate people who contribute nothing but misery and who utterly despise our values?

The authorities can be ruthless when they want. On Saturday in Cologne, police deployed 1,700 officers and used water cannon at a rally organised by anti-immigration protestors.

But craven political correctness means there is no will to show anything like the same toughness towards predatory migrants. And that is why European civilisation is in crisis.

* * * *

. . . A cataclysm has occurred, a turning point, and its impact can be felt everywhere.

"Merkel's destructive folly." By Tiberge, GalliaWatch, 1/13/16.

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