15 January 2016

Goodbye, Germany. Your chancellor bids you adieu.

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany:
We should not follow those who — with coldness and even hatred in their hearts — make judgments about what it means to be German, and seek to exclude others from this definition[.][1]
Das neue Deutschland.
So a German doesn't mean a white person born in Germany with centuries-old roots there. No, "German" necessarily means Zulus, Tongonese, Chinese, Chileans, Jamaicans, Muslims by the ton, Senegalese, and, oh yes, those people who lived in Germany in, say, 1945, and their descendants. Soon the sound of tom toms can waft through the air to augment the works of Wagner and Beethoven. Soon.

Merkel has just removed Germans from a place of importance in Germany. They are non-people who, so as to avoid being cold or hateful, must contort themselves and their laws to provide for a massive influx of malevolent, parasitic, third-world foreigners.

All this stuff about caring for refugees is nonsense. Merkel intends for Germany as it has been historically to be destroyed. Sexual assault on German women – eminently predictable from the experience of Sweden as the rape capital of Europe – is a necessary part of the transformation and an inevitable part of life under a Muslim majority.

The experience of infidels in Muslim-majority countries is well known. Nothing in history suggests Germany's future experience with arrogant, hateful Muslims in their midst will be different.

Meanwhile, conflicts with Muslims and Africans are to be resolved in favor of them. They must feel no discomfort or hostility. Objection by true Germans to elite betrayal and the presence of millions of contemptible foreigners is to be silenced by vigorous criminal prosecution or informal sanction by AntiFa scum in league with the government and protected by the press. The experience of the woman on the right in the photo above will be ignored, covered up, and forgotten.

All that talk of Nazi this and neo-Nazi that is just psychological projection. Fascism has return to Germany but its target is no longer foreign countries but the autochthonous people of Germany.

[1] "Entering 2016 : The Wars To Come." By Morgoth Penguin, Morgoth's Review, 1/15/16.

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