12 January 2016

How can this obtuseness not provoke white hot fury?

Called Muti ("Mom") by Germans, Merkel in recent days has toughened her talk, calling for expulsion of criminal aliens and reduction in the number of migrants coming in over the longer term.[1]
With her political position weakened by her "misjudgment" on inviting in over a million Muslims and African opportunists, parasites, predators, and light infantry, Angela Merkel now admits it's all gone "too far" according to our source for this quote.

However, with protests against her foolish open door to "migrants" breaking out, Merkel can still not bring herself – with eight to ten million more "migrants" on the way – to bring the influx of hostiles to an abrupt halt. No, she has apparently called for "a reduction" in the number of "migrants" in "the longer term." She's not quoted directly by Investor's Business Daily but it appears she does not know the German words for "terminate" and "immediately."

This is similar to what we used to hear in the U.S. during the Reagan administration, I believe, and afterward how the Congress was going to reduce the rate of increase of spending. They couldn't bring themselves to say reduce spending.

Ditto on the infuriating obsession with "comprehensive immigration reform." Those dress-wearing mothertruckers in Congress can ONLY every stay focused on that like a broken tooth. They'd rather set their hair on fire than say job numero uno is to seal -- not "secure" -- the joke that passes for a border that we have.

Similarly, Merkel cannot bring herself to call a halt to the madness she has inflicted on her own people.

Now repeat after me. "Zukunft."
Rather than shrug my shoulders in amazement, I'll hazard the conclusion that those who really control the European economy and politics are so fiercely committed to the destruction of the European nations that even now Merkel knows she cannot relent from the course that she was ordered to follow. The chancellor of the most powerful country in Europe does not have the power or the will to end this suicidal immigration. She values her political career so much that she will betray her people even as they take to the streets in anger at what she does.

[1] "Will Germany's Refugee Crisis Take Down Merkel's Government?" Investor's Business Daily, 1/11/16.

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