12 January 2016

How indeed?

“Ignorance is strength” said the Party slogan in Nineteen Eighty-Four. For sure, in the Western world of 2015, knowledge will get you into trouble. Whether or not ignorance is strength, in the Western world today, ignorance is definitely social acceptance. Do Americans of all people really not know—that nations with big racial minorities are arenas of discord, social friction, group rancor, and perpetual conflict? How did we get so stupid?

It’s not just us, of course. All the old Anglo-Saxon and northwest European countries have enstupidated themselves in the same way. Look at Germany. Look at Britain.

"The Case of Oliver Letwin." Brits Apologize on the Beaches, and on the Landing Grounds, and in the Fields…WHY? By John Derbyshire, Vdare, 1/1/16.

H/t: The Unz Review.

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