07 January 2016

The reality of U.S. foreign policy.

In 2013 these same Al-Qaeda linked Syrian rebels launched two sarin gas attacks. This was an attempt to frame Assad and muster international support for military intervention. Fortunately they were exposed by U.N. and Russian investigators and the push for airstrikes completely fell apart when Russia stepped in to broker a diplomatic solution.

The campaign for regime change in Syria, as in Libya has been presented in terms of human rights. Obviously this isn't the real motive.

In 2009, Qatar put forth a proposal to run a natural gas pipeline through Syria and Turkey to Europe. Assad however rejected this, and in 2011 he forged a pact with Iraq and Iran to run a pipeline eastward cutting Qatar and Saudi Arabia out of the loop completely. Not surprisingly Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been the most aggressive regional players in the push to topple the Syrian government.

But why would this pipeline dispute put Syria in Washington's cross hairs?[1]

I don't want to quote too much from this excellent article. The above is only a small part of what is an insightful take on America's foreign policy. It's worth your time to read it all. It's a giant step up from the dishonest "Assad must go" fairy tale that we hear from Obama.

As an aside on Crimea, I've earlier remarked that the U.S. was remiss in failing to offer assurances to Russia respecting its naval base in Crimea. I thought that a significant omission that led directly to Russian's move to create its own assurances regarding the fate of their naval base when Victoria Nuland succeeded in destabilizing Ukraine. Well, read this article and you'll see, as I did, that it was no oversight that made for the omission of those assurances. The junior geostrategerists who play as statesmen and diplomats indeed intended for Russia to lose its base and for the Russians meekly to accept this loss with good grace, if not indifference.

These are times where we all need to look closely at what is happening in our countries now that it's obvious that we must contend with the Treason Class. Whatever game is afoot, world and national events have had nothing to do with multiculturalism or humanitarianism. Merkel knows damn well who is raping German women now and she knows damn well that the rapists are part of the million plus invaders she deliberately imported. She's already stated that multiculturalism is a failure but still she brought in the brown and black tide.

If humanitarianism were a consideration for Western leaders then no one would have stood by while over a half million Tutsis were murdered in Rwanda. Or while civilians die in, and refugees flow out of, Syria because of U.S., French, British, German, Saudi, Qatari, Turkish, and Israeli support for ISIS and various other scum fighting a war against the sovereign state of Syria.

And another thing. What's happening was decided upon without the least concern for the wishes or interests of the people of the West. Putin and Trump soar in popularity because it's obvious they are patriots. The rest serve interests that are, and must be, well camouflaged.

[1] "The Geopolitics of World War III." By SCG, 9/11/14.

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