31 January 2016

The true face of open borders.

Open border fanatics at the University of Santa Barbara protested the U.S. Customs and Border Protection recruiters at a campus job fair.

The College Fix reported that about 50 students descended on the campus quad Thursday, holding posters that read “we are human” and “undocumented unafraid,” while chanting “f**k your borders, f**k your walls.”

“We do have undocumented students here on campus who are at potential risk,” said UCSB graduate student Idalia Robles to The College Fix. “This is a very triggering event for people in those circumstances. There is no space on this campus for an organization that continues to threaten the safety of students.”[1]

Note dog whistle phrases "undocumented students" (illegals), "triggering event," and "safety of students." The unmentionable words here, however, are "ethnic hostility" and "contempt."

Contempt for America is the take-away lesson here.

[1] "Students to border patrol: ‘F**k your borders’ [VIDEO]." By Ryan Girdusky, RedAlert Politics, 1/30/16.

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