22 January 2016

Where's the outrage?

The "conservatives" over at National Review are in a tizzy over Donald Trump's not being a conservative. Like them.

Well, maybe not. But ask me if I care.

Diana West wrote two days ago:

Rush Limbaugh said today that nationalism and populism have overtaken conservatism in terms of appeal.

I would add that until Donald Trump's candidacy, neither nationalism nor populism were political choices. Both had been demonized into oblivion.[1]

Well, sign me up for that populism and nationalism. As we all know, nationalism is a known precursor to National Socialism, so whatever we do, we got to steer clear of that! No! I mean the good kind of nationalism.

That said, if it really is all about "Conservatism" – a big if – then I want to know where these red hot conservatives were when John Boehner was sucking his thumb after the last election. Wasn't there something conservative he could have been doing with this time? And where were they when Paul Ryan was cutting a deal with the Democrats to drive spending past Jupiter and funding amnesty and whatever "refugee" resettlement schemes Obama has in mind for Streator, Illinois, and Marin County, California? (Just kidding about Marin.)

Where is that sustained conservative full-court press against "hate speech" laws, open borders, the unconstitutional wars against Syria and in Iraq, our support for ISIS, and, oh, the treason of the Supreme Court in deliberately engineering a complete transformation of the constitutional scheme by lying about what the Commerce Clause means? Did that go away?

Where are the "conservatives" when it comes to legal discrimination against whites in the form of affirmative action laws? Where are they when the Attorney General of the United States throws a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party? When voter rolls are populated with the dead? When the concept of "anchor baby" is used to dilute the value of our precious American citizenship?

When, in short, have the conservatives shown the least interest in fiscal control, national sovereignty, citizenship, equal protection of the law, concern for the rights of the majority white population, or the scourge of black criminality and urban destruction?

Let me rephrase that. When have they shown any sustained outrage over anything and done anything but cave in while the left ran out the clock on some new outrage?

With the multitude of insanities and betrayals that plague us, who are these conservatives to call out one man when they have failed miserably to oppose the leftist agenda, let alone the agenda of the GOP establishment? No doubt individual conservatives can point to this or that article or well-researched monograph opposing any of the items I've listed above, but with a record of decades of being able unable to reverse any leftist program and just serving as a punching bag for the Pelosis and Reids of this world, who are these conservatives to sound the tocsin against someone insufficiently like them? Have they shown fury and dismay over the advances of the left that comes close to what they shown with respect to The Great Interloper?

How dare this man draw breath!

[1] "Cruz v. Trump I." By Diana West, 1/20/16.

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