25 February 2016

And you won't have anything to laugh about.

This young woman is eloquent and dignified but she makes it clear that Germany's Muslim invaders are a repellent presence and that the government does nothing to deal with it. Native Germans are invisible to their own government.

In her quiet way she is making it clear that Merkel has one last, narrow window of opportunity to wake up and reverse her hideous policies that will be the ruin of Germany. She raises the possibility that Germans will take matters into their own hands. Then it won't be so funny.

This is her elegantly-delivered "Pretty please with sugar on top" request depicted in the in the movie "Pulp Fiction" where Winston Wolfe confronts Vincent Vega who thinks Wolfe is insufficiently polite.

Note that Facebook disabled the account where this woman's video first appeared. Facebook deserves our contempt as does the German government which either requested or condoned it. Merkel is dishonest and sick. There is no way that that she or her government can redeem themselves.


The Local Malcontent said...

Though I didn't intend to watch that entire video of that wonderfully brave girl, I found her so compelling and so earnest in her concern for her country, I did. All of it. The stories she related sound all-too-familiar, close to home. But she is correct, for it will lead to a war between a refined culture and that of a backward, stunted one.

How sad for the fine citizens of Germany, that Angela Merkel has so damaged its' future, allowing such vermin to overrun its' borders and its' culture.

What is the narrow window of opportunity to turn things around, you mention?

Col. B. Bunny said...

I am glad you watched it all. She has stuck in my mind since I did the same. That woman is 16 years old there. I can't imagine I was anything like her when I was that age.

The window of opportunity is the time left for Western governments to change course and give up this insane worship of the foreigner and concomitant denigration of their own citizens. There is something unholy and unclean about it and the viciousness with which they attack people who speak the truth on immigration is a symptom of their panic over having betrayed their own -- and the truth.

Two years ago the Swedes blithely imported hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Africans and with smug faces all around. Now there are Sons of Odin patrols in Finland and refugee centers are being burned and trashed in Germany. Buses with "migrants" are being surrounded and somewhere I can't recall just now there were vigilantes attacking "migrants" in some mall.

Merkel is finished and Germans will indeed take matters into their own hands. Herb Stein said of economic misjudgments that things will go on until they don't. This is true in the political realm. Tilo Sarrazin wrote the book "Germany Abolishes Itself." It flew off the shelves and that shows awareness of what is going on. The father of that young woman is probably moderately steamed at having some ignorant savage call his daughter a whore.

Merkel has essentially said to Germans, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way." Little does she realize that there are a lot of hard men who think the same thing. I noted with interest the young woman's anecdote that a cop had taken off his helmet and marched with the Pegida people. I suppose his career is over as a result but that's significant, just as is the willingness of the former commanding general of the French Foreign Legion to join the demonstrators in Calais a few weeks back.

This immigration stuff is ... simply . . . insane and the state is throwing the full weight of its repressive power into maintaining the insanity. Insanity plus repression to sustain it are a lot like throwing sodium into a beaker of water. No one should be surprised if there's a huge explosion.