03 February 2016

Bedrock principles of post-constitutional America.

The West never came close to proletarian revolution. The Left likes to believe that it did. They like to argue that "Franklin Roosevelt saved capitalism from itself." This is another way of saying that John Maynard Keynes saved capitalism from itself. Both arguments are incorrect. Roosevelt and Keynes met only once. Roosevelt correctly assessed Keynes as a mathematician, not an economist. This was true. Keynes got his degree in mathematics, not economics. Roosevelt was the source of what we call Keynesianism, 1933-36, not Keynes, whose General Theory appeared in 1936. But scholars like to believe that academic arguments shape the world. They don't. They conform what has already begun to take root in the thinking and practices of the general public.

When men decided that "thou shalt not steal" means "thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote," the Keynesian worldview was born. This view is dominant today. Marxism is dead. So is cultural Marxism.

To win this battle, we must persuade men that "thou shalt not steal" means this: it is immoral to steal, with or without majority vote.[1]

This immoral approach to government is true at all levels of government in the U.S. and throughout the West. In the U.S., a vital corollary of this theft is that if any proposed federal spending – the most profligate of all government spending – isn't in aid of one of the enumerated powers of Congress in Art. Sect. 8 it doesn't matter.

Thus, (1) Theft is ok and (2) the use of the money is ok, regardless of any constitutional limitation.

[1] "Cultural Marxism Is an Oxymoron." By Gary North , Gary North 's Specific Answers, - 7/1/14.

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