16 February 2016

Europe's Betrayal of Women.


Herman Snerd said...

Bravo, colonel.
I am Amerikan. I live about 40 km. from my nation's capital. In the belly of the politically correct beast. You might find these links helpful:

http://www.politicalislam.com ..... http://www.CSPIpublishing.com

In its 1400 year history Islam has murdered 270 million people and annihilated scores of cultures. Syria and Iraq were Christian before Jihad conquered them. North Africa was once Christian and oriented toward Europe. What one knows as "Turkey" today was Greek Anatolia, which was Christian. Afghanistan was Zoroastrian and Buddhist. India suffered horrendously from Jihad.

As are mine, your government, media, academia and most clergy are against you. One cannot count on "officials" to defend Western Civilization. The everyday person must be that defender if it is to happen. One must learn what mainstream Islam holds, because apologists and dhimmis in high places either do not know the facts or won't tell you. Mohammed is the supreme authority on mainstream islam.

Islam is dualistic in its ethics and logic. One ethics for Muslims. A harsher ethics for Kafir. Kafir means ANY non-believer coupled with the fact anything from deception to theft to mayhem to murder can legitimately be done to the Kafir. By Western logic, contradictory propositions are considered false. By Islamic logic, contradictory statements can both be true. Thus, the relatively benign earlier Meccan Koran and the Jihadi later Medina Koran are both true. The contradiction confuses Westerners.

Within its Five Pillars, Islam is a religion of concern only to Muslims. Since both Allah and The Prophet Mohammed hate the Kafir, in its relations to the Kafir, Islam is POLITICAL and must be understood as such.

The Hadith, eye-witness stories of what The Prophet Mohammed said and did, give the Muslim guidance for everyday actions.
He was thrown out of Mecca and EMIGRATED to Medina, where he invented Jihad. Returned to Mecca to settle scores.
The Sira (Mohammed's biography) and Hadith are ripe with examples of Mohammed's hatred of Kafir.

I feast off your anger, because so many of my countrymen are so ignorant of what bears down upon us. It is my mission to educate them toward action, because "the authorities" won't lift a finger.

Stand tall for liberty and Western Civilization.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks, Mr. Snerd. I sometimes wonder why bother? Why bother posting this or that article? It still seems worth it to persevere in the hope that one or two people's eyes will be opened. Your take on Islam is exactly right. Foolish Westerners refuse to see the realities you list. Maybe Trump is the spear point of a great political revival. There was a great religious revival in the 19th century. I don't know precisely why but it's a precedent of some kind.