12 February 2016

Interesting comments on blacks post 1965.

Some interesting comments on a John Derbyshire article:[1]

Diversity Heretic:

This article is also posted on Vdare, accompanied by a photograph of black protesters supporting desegregated schools. I could not help but notice the way the black people were dressed–the men had coats and ties and the women appeared to be in something resembling skirted suits. Their weight appeared normal. They actually had dignity. It was oh so easy back then to imagine that such people would fit effortlessly into white schools if only the bad southern racists would let them. Now, 50-60 years later we have shrieking Negresses and sullen resentful black men with astronomical levels of crime. The sad truth is that the dignity we saw in Negroes of the 1940s-1960s was a product of the repression–they had to conform to white social [norms] or retribution would be swift and brutal. Freedom from white oppression was freedom to re-Africanize, and we are living with the dreadful results.


How do you know it was the freedom of civil rights that led to black lawlessness, and not the new indignity of the infantilizing Great Society program? Case in point: black socioeconomic indicators in both North and South were improving up until the 1960s.

I will grant that, as long as blacks have the vote, it seems unlikely they’ll vote for less welfare (just as whites on welfare like Trump a lot better than the more doctrinaire conservatives and libertarians). Democracy and freedom don’t mix, at least not without some strict constitutional limits on the powers of government.

Diversity Heretic:

Your point is well taken. In fact, I don’t know, and I don’t even know how to disentangle the effects of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts from the effect of Great Society entitlements. And, as another poster has noted, in 1965 immigration laws changed, forcing blacks to compete with mestizos and Amer-Indians for low-skilled and unskilled jobs. But the hopes of the 1960s for a “color-blind” society have been dashed.

boogerbently adds:
White guilt has already run out, with older generations. We need to tell our kids that we are NOT racist. We accepted and encouraged equality. But after decades of disappointment, we now realize

they don’t want to be equal, it’s too much work. They want to be thought of as equal, and have an equal amount of “stuff”. Without working for it. They lower the standards everywhere they go. They ruin every city they take over. They have chosen to invest their time in their victim status instead of their families or education. So, my sons and daughters, don’t waste your time. The time WE wasted was both emotionally and financially draining.

[1] "America Edging Back to Segregation Lite—Led By Blacks." By John Derbyshire, The Unz Review, 2/11/16.

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