13 February 2016

Law that isn't law.

Today the European Union is seriously intent on taking over the world via bureaucratic imperialism, using a network of international “laws” that nobody has ever voted for.

The elites think that the well of pseudo-democratic legitimacy will never run dry. Well, it has. Now we have neither democracy (as my previous post demonstrates) nor legitimacy.

The idea that the Constitution or the electorate are just irrelevant whenever some jumped up progressive fool feels like experimenting with people's lives is about to be tested.

Generations of trust are evaporating. And reality intrudes.

"European Pathology Hasn’t Changed." By James Lewis, American Thinker, 2/2/16.


Joshua Sinistar said...

These idiots have shat on Christianity and everything associated with it for fifty or even more years, and now they are crying in their fake salamis they use to feel like a woman because their empty appeals to Christian Charity are falling down like lead balloons. We don't owe them shit. They aren't even Americans and we don't want to hear about any slabery gibmedats anymore either. The well of Christian Charity died with this Gay Crusade of yours dumbass. Don't come around here no more. We don't care what you're looking for.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mr. Sinistar, the propaganda fog since WWII has been dense indeed. The legal profession did not defend the Constitution and bowed down to the treasonous Supreme Court at every turn. The press praised every new excess and departure from sanity.

Countries are like engines. You can hit the accelerator all you want but eventually someone's got to check the oil and water. A huge "adjustment" is coming our way and the presence of Muslim savages and rejectionist, parasitic minorities will be the least of our problems.