18 February 2016

Malevolent Merkelian miscomprehension or misdirection.

Merkel, under heavy pressure at home to reduce arrivals, supports a plan under which transit country Turkey would seal its borders and then fly refugees to Europe where they would be settled under an EU quota system.[1]
I first thought the word to describe this is obtuse, but it denotes dullness, which Merkel is not. Willful or refractory (stubbornly disobedient) miscomprehension is helpful but, again, there's no failure of intellect that I can see. Willful, mulish misdirection captures more of the element of intentionality that is obviously at work.

Still, Merkel's mindset is hard to capture. The problems of Muslim hostility and incompatibility are obvious for anyone to see but officially they are not seen. More to the point, it is officially forbidden to see them.

It's as though a soldier would present alarming news to his officer like this:

Private: "Sir, the enemy has mounted a human wave attack!"

Officer: "Right you are. Let's have a spot of breakfast."

It's a puzzle. All through the West, with honorable exceptions, we have leaders who don't lead or who mouth stupidities like "leading from behind" "or moderate Islam."

And terrible dangers – civilizational threats – are not addressed.

[1] "Merkel rejects east Europe plan to shut Balkans refugee route." By France24, 2/16/16.

H/t: Gates of Vienna.


Bo Chandler said...

Smart move by Merkel.

The entry states were starting to either buckle under the strain (read: become ripe rebellion) or fortify their borders.

Now, instead of the streaming in from the outside she can dump them in the middle and push them outward.

Let's not forget, though. This is an absolutely last ditch hail Mary shot at propping up the omni-state before it's upsidown birth rates cause the tax base to buckle under the load of the parasite class.

You can almost hear the beams groaning under the weight and the gunshot reports of the rivets popping one by one.

Col. B. Bunny said...

That's a good image of the rivets popping and, yes, it is a smart move by her though that's not saying much. She's being backed into a corner. The volume of invaders is what did her in. When she got her Kalergi prize they should have told her "Easy does it."