20 February 2016

Our blessing is worth nothing.

Here's a fascinating graphic[1] from the Center for Responsive Politics:

Endorsements from the Beautiful People are wildly out of synch with the early indicators of whom the electorate really favor.

What such a graphic looked like in previous years I don't know. If it's sui generis this year, it looks like the voters have had enough of what's been on the menu for the last 60.

[1] "The Long, Dark Twilight of the Political Establishment." By Tory Newmyer, Fortune, 2/19/16.


christian soldier said...

Folks are finally 'getting' it-- the establishment Rs and Ds are no different- one from the other--
and - those- like the Buch-ies- with tight ties to the likes of the Saud-ies- are looking out for themselves and not the republic--

Col. B. Bunny said...

I dearly hope that is the case, Carol. That graphic is not-so-mute evidence of that very thing. I endlessly marvel at how the Europeans are so niggardly in their support of salvationist political parties and so enthusiastic in their support for their sellout parties. The times are so bizarre that it really does seem like a lot of people are waking up.