25 February 2016

The high cost of denial.

Under a strict, unregulated open market, Lufthansa would have dropped Lubitz [its suicidal pilot] like a hot potato after he dropped out of flight school because of raging depression and certainly after he forged a clean bill of mental health on an FAA form. But if they tried that in today’s society, they would run up against all kinds of rules: medical confidentiality; rights of mental health patients; civil lawsuits for discrimination.

And in that last one is the real reason for the Lufthansa 9525 tragedy: we are so afraid of discrimination that we tie our own hands against real threats.

I have infinite sympathy for Lubitz. Paranoid visualizations, hallucinations and crippling psychotic depression cannot be anything but misery. I do not know how to treat him. I know however that someone in that unstable state should not be responsible for the health and safety of others.

We see the high cost of tolerance in other areas too. We cannot notice that the Third World people have different abilities and inclinations than ours, or that their need is not to come here, but to improve There. We cannot point out that most people are selfish and short-sighted and so democracy is a failure.

Equality, tolerance, non-discrimination and the rest were sold to us as “harmless.” How true is that? Like the shattered remnants of Flight 9525, our society lies shattered on a mountain,

"The high cost of denial, mental health edition." By Brett Stevens, Amerika, date uncertain, probably c. 2/25/16.


Joshua Sinistar said...

The West has discovered the high cost of success. This kind of misplaced charity and misguided altruism would be impossible in times of need and want. It is only in luxury and safety that idiots can endevour to "save the world". I'm not afraid of extremists because they have a cause. Its idealists and their delusions of grandeur in which they falsely believe they can change reality or human nature that I find threatening.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Well said. Prosperity has bred complacency but also this gigantic detachment from the experience of the millennia. Foreigners are not our friends and being nice to people can easily lead to their being parasites and holding you in contempt. That's true in spades when the ones you help are complete strangers to you and have nothing in common with you except blood pressure and body temperature.

In my experience, knowing idealists is akin to knowing people who are mentally ill. Simple problems cannot be fixed when they are involved because they can't even identify the problem to be fixed. Is "white privilege" our number one problem? To the delusional it is.