21 February 2016

Throwing it all away.

It was never a civil war [in Syria]; it was an invasion sponsored by a handful of savage rulers who received support from supposedly civilized governments, including mine. Time will not fade the stain. My government, the American government, the greatest government in modern history, threw it all away -- every single noble value, every mark of civilization. So the Aleppans will have to stand in line when it comes to asking why [it has "been British government policy to turn the ancient city of Aleppo into present-day Kandahar"].[1]
Other than America's killer Dudley Do-right complex to right all wrongs and punish all evildoers in the world less wonderful than Sen. Sanctimony, there's not a single, solitary reason for the U.S. to have it in for Syrian President Assad.

As Thomas Sowell likes to ask about economic (and political?) pipe dreams, "compared to whom?" Compared to whom does Assad need to be on the all-time U.S. inter-faith, ladies' garden club, certified-diverse, SPLC, Jesse Jackson, Lena Dunham, Arianna Huffington, C.F.R., Humus Abedin, Chelsea Clinton, intergalactic ____ list?

[1] "Aleppo City: 'Why is Britain supporting the terrorists in Syria’s civil war?'" By Pundita, 2/20/16.

Correction (2/22/16): Sowell's first question with respect to liberal pipe dreams is "Compared to what?" The second is "At what cost?" and the third, "What hard evidence do you have?" We adapt his first question to our purposes here.


Nicholas said...

“Other than America's killer Dudley Do-right complex…”

Not this time. The reason the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” decided to topple Assad is because he wasn’t an enemy of America. If a country is friendly to America, or at least benign towards us, “Obama” hates it, and seeks its destruction, particularly if it’s still majority white.

Egypt, Libya, Syria, Israel, all of Europe. He seeks to spread the plague of homosexuality the world over, because … it’s a plague. He seeks to spread billions of non-whites throughout the Western world, because annihilating the white race is his greatest dream. The man is evil incarnate. To get his measure, read The Book of Revelation. I’m not a religious man, and thus I don’t buy the Christian interpretation, but there are no secular teachings that can grasp this being.

Nicholas Stix

Col. B. Bunny said...

Well, I have to concede your point. The "responsibility to protect" and "Assad must go" are manifestations of official U.S. sanctimony that is hard to stomach. Particularly when one compares Syria to Libya. There's not a drop of embarrassment in Obama and his State Department -- it's most assuredly not ours -- over the catastrophe in Libya but the full court press now is to depose Assad. One struggles to comprehend.

Assad's clearly trying to preserve Syria as a secular state and he enjoys wide popular support. He proposed startling reforms dismissed as "too late." Hillary Clinton dismissed a proposed referendum "to gain citizen buy-in" as "phony" and "a cynical ploy." (Same link.) He has a policy of generous amnesty for troops who deserted the Army. The charge that he used sarin gas was false. Just the fact that Assad is keeping a lid on sectarian strife should be enough to ensure undying U.S. support but, no, we are intent to supporting Islamic lunatics in Syria and keeping the killing at a fever pitch.

Even sanctimony loosely founded in a desire for improvement in the life of Syrians would see that there are other fish to fry in the world and that Assad can be taken off the menu, so to speak. So, yes, yours is the better view. The revolt of the Western elite -- betrayal really -- is so complete and pervasive that it is a target-rich environment for sane people. I go back to my oft-repeated mantra about the perfection of the Holmesian analysis: once you eliminate the impossible (that Obama and the elite love their country, people, culture, history, religion, customs, traditions, laws, and literature) then what remains is the truth (that they wish to betray their people to inferior and savage peoples and cultures), however improbable. Obama loves "the other" and this freak has enabled and celebrated what is perverse and enfeebling at every turn.

The 22nd Amendment is the ultimate brute force solution to our predicament. With luck, eight years is just too short a time for one man to ruin a nation. What Democrat and Republican parties have been able to do over the last 80 years is another question. Their machinations may well prove to be fatal and even a Trump Thermidor may be too little, too late. Buchanan was the perfect choice years back but the stupidity of the American voter knows no bounds.

I'm afraid I simply cannot read the Bible with interest. To me its chloroform in print, as Mark Twain said of The Book of Mormon. No offense to the LDS Church intended, which I respect (on matters not pertaining to immigration). The image of the Four Horsemen of the Acropolis is, however, satisfying. It doesn't 'splain anything but it does hint at what's in store for men who have deliberately turned away from vital truths.