29 February 2016

Trump – last chance to clean house.

It’s a white-hot anger: molten, incandescent—biblical. I’ll bet most of [Trump's supporters] would pay to stand in line for an opportunity to hold Trump’s jacket while he slaughters the establishment’s sacred cows. Go ahead, destroy the Republican Party; it’s rotten to the foundations. And set fire to the Democrats while you’re at it. Tear the whole damned thing down, and start over.

* * * *

His supporters realize that Trump presents problems, but they don’t give a damn. For years, the American public has been bled white, lied to, cheated, humiliated, manipulated, and kicked in the teeth. Over the last 30 years, their freedom, their laws, their rights, and their culture has been stolen from them.

They’re staring into a future in which their kids will be illiterate or second-class citizens or both, and may never be able to get a decent job, own their own home, enjoy any of the simple liberties we grew up with, or have a happy family. And to top it off, they’re filled with nightmares of their children and grandchildren reduced to eating the grass on the lawn, or being blown to bits while walking down the street.

Trump’s campaign is where America is turning to clean house while clinging to vestiges of civilized behavior. It represents an opportunity for renewal on many levels. If it doesn’t work, I fear America is in for much worse than it has already seen.

Comment by R. Daneel on What If? 2016 Election, Conspiracy Theories, Donald Trump, Hillary Clintom, William Clinton." By JDZ, Never Yet Melted, 2/25/16.

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