30 March 2016

Political theater: the pretend U.S. war on ISIS.

For years, just looking at maps - including those produced by Washington-based think tanks themselves - revealed the true nature of Syria's ongoing conflict. Forces could be seen flowing into the country as one would expect amid an invasion, not a "civil war." While the West's military campaigns over and upon Syrian soil claimed to be taking on the so-called "Islamic State" (ISIS), it was clear that nothing was being done about cutting off the obvious supply corridors sustaining ISIS' fighting capacity.

In other words, the US and its "coalition's" war on ISIS was feigned. No genuine military campaign would ever be fought on the front lines while neglecting the enemy's logistical lifelines - especially when those lifelines led from NATO territory.

It wasn't until Russia's intervention on behalf of the Syrian government, that these corridors were targeted and disrupted -- thus fully exposing the gambit for all the world to see.[1]

Lest anyone should think that hitting ground targets for the U.S. Air Force is difficult, this video shows that it is not.

Detecting ground targets is also not difficult. JSTARS aircraft were used to support air attacks on Gaddafi's forces in the amazing war on Libya where U.S. foreign policy was revealed for the genius enterprise that it is. Also, Navy’s P-3 Orion sub-hunters were operating in Libya and some have similar capabilities similar to those of the JSTARS aircraft. (Same link as the preceding one.) These aircraft were available in Libya so if they did not appear in the skies near or over Syria that was a command decision not a matter of unavailability.

So, now ask yourself if the oil tanker or 50-100+ Toyota convoys funding, supplying, and moving ISIS forces cleverly evaded detection and destruction despite the best efforts of the U.S. Air Force to do just that.

Or . . . was the "war" against ISIS just political theater?

[1] "Syria: Phantom “Rebels” Return from the Dead." By Tony Cartalucci, New Eastern Outlook, 3/7/16.

H/t: "Who knew Islamic State was a fan of French colonialism?" By Pundita, 3/8/16.

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