14 March 2016

Vengeance in the air.

Possibly the worst blasphemy [in the religion of the social justice warrior] — which I will now state — is the idea that the new religion of social justice exists to disguise the vast disappointment over the failure of the civil rights movement to uplift — that is, raise out of poverty, illiteracy, and crime — a substantial part of the black population. In fact, much of the official policy of the civil rights era only made matters worse, especially the well-known failures of the welfare system with all its disincentives to economic striving. So, the well-intentioned people of the Left — a dying breed — are left in dismay and embarrassment, fighting demons, while black America chooses more and more remain an oppositional culture, apart, antagonistic, and increasingly bent on vengeance.[1]
The ridiculous names that large numbers of underclass black give their children is not-too-subtle sign that they will pick themselves up out of state of resentful dependency and embrace superior white culture when Hell freezes over.

The civil rights "revolution" was an instrument whereby large numbers of blacks could be pandered to and debased with endless, soul-shattering dependency. But don't expect blacks to acknowledge that. It's "white privilege," "structural racism," "dog whistles," "ebonics," "keepin' it real," "Academy Award boo hoo," and, the best for laughs, "Black Lives Splatter" all day, every day.

Vengeance may be what's for dinner but a lot of whites are fed up with the complete, total, and never-ending flapdoodle that sluices over the airwaves extolling black virtue, capability, and enterprise.

Finally, a friend wonders what phone booth those "the well-intentioned people of the Left" hold their meetings in.

[1] "Bull Run." By James Howard Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation, 3/14/16.


Anonymous said...

Face it there isn't a single black community that one can point to as a model of ciivil society, of peace and tranquility, nor of prosperity. What we see is Detroit or Africa. Liberals are mentally ill. They feed the blacks and the blacks reward the guilt of the Left.

Col. B. Bunny said...

50 years is long enough for anyone to show their stuff. But tomorrow just about every black in the U.S. will pitch a fit if whites dare to reintroduce standardized tests. The eternal position of American blacks will be that such tests are racist. Tests written in ebonics would result in the same results.

Until blacks can prove they're the equal of whites intellectually and can organize crime-free and litter-free communities whites are entitled to consider theirs a failed culture, whether or not there are IQ and physical differences. Which there are.

As for Africa, well, it's as a black African gentleman said to me, "The problems of Africa are right under the feet of the black man." The film "Africa Addio" is a great place for anyone to start to try to understand this problem.