07 March 2016

We will come here until Europe is black.

H/t: Honest Thinking.

It hard to link to specific articles on this site but search for the "Sukant Chandan" entry on 3/5/16. There he quotes from a 2011 Monthly Review article by an Indian immigrant to the United Kingdom who wrote:

We have won, historically, the right to come here, in the 50s and the 60s and the 70s, when the West wanted, literally, us to do their dirty work here and they wanted us out. But we fought for our right to stay here, against the government and against the Far Right and racist organizations and movements. So, we've won our right to stay here. We're here to stay, permanently. That right has been won. Now, I think, the final challenge is for us to completely take over the West. . . .
Westerners who think they are importing foreigners to clean their bed pans and contribute to their bankrupt social welfare schemes (but who will remain docile and accepting of this degrading policy) had best think that through one more time. You thought you were getting meek, grateful servants but you're importing your new masters.


Joshua Sinistar said...

We need a leader capable of a serious and effective show of force against the invaders. Perhaps nuking a city in their homeland and telling them flat out go home or your homeland is going into the ionosphere. These backwards morons haven't gotten the memo that modern weaponry has made numerical advantages completely obsolete.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I think the worst of the problem is that so many invaders are well past the frontiers. They will drive past their headlights and when they do and make their move, the issue will be determined by small arms, though their use of biological weapons and dirty bombs can't be assumed away. Numbers still favor Westerners in their own country.

The strangest weakness the Muslims found in our armor was that we said to them we have laws and guns to defend ourselves with. So, don't make us cross 'cause we have all these guns, ships, and planes, see. So don't dare violate our laws. Or course, if you really want to come, we guess it's ok with us. We failed to understand the morality of using force to defend ourselves. Ten minutes of firing over the heads of any would be invaders would INSTANTLY cause all attempts to enter Europe or the U.S. to cease.

All we had to stay intact was keep foreigners out. We didn't even need to have an opinion on their religion or table manners. We could have left them to do whatever back home but, no, we had to invite them in.