27 April 2016

Air Force airspace penetration deficiencies.

Pretty interesting stuff:
The combination of threat development, neglect of electronic warfare and an overcommittment to stealth should throw the Air Force’s ability to penetrate well-defended airspace into question. There is a way for the Air Force to regain its penetration capability, but it will require recognition that the all-stealth philosophy has been technologically outmaneuvered. The Air Force cannot spend its way out of this problem with the F-35; the aircraft’s design parameters were designed for a less-advanced threat environment that has instead outstripped the JSF’s development. Instead of putting the entire tactical airpower portfolio at the mercy of one aircraft, the service should make an effort to restore long-dormant capabilities and re-invest in readiness, training, and electronic warfare. The Air Force should buy back its EC triad and recommit to low-altitude operations.
"Low-Altitude Penetration and Electronic Warfare: Stuck on Denial, Part III." By Mike Pietrucha, War on the Rocks, 4/25/16.


Anonymous said...

They will have to lose a lot of aircraft before they get the message. The Department of Defense is no longer headed by politically oriented generals, but by politically correct doofusses.

Col. B. Bunny said...

There are a number of red flags going up where the JSF is concerned - air combat, weight, software, maintenance, and now non-stealthiness. I'm no engineer, pilot or tactician but "all eggs in one basket" seems like a consideration.

I did see a couple of YouTube videos by Lockheed or someone showing the use of an initial wave of drones and electronic warfare planes to be followed by fighters. Maybe they were just selling a proposal but it did indicate thinking more flexible than this gentleman implies is dominant. His qualifications are such, however, that he has to be describing the status quo.

PCDs must abound now. I have a lot of respect for our military meritocracy but you have worry that they're like Wesley Clark. No slouch but someone I'd rather see in a Mister Rogers cardigan fussing over his cherry tomatoes. The fool yapping about diversity after "MAJ" Hassan's patriotic contributions at Ft. Hood made me ill. That was then and I hate to think of all the men like ADM Lynch who've been shoved out. If the cadets in high heels aren't a symptom of something really rotten at work I don't know what would be.