15 April 2016

Donald Trump on voter disenfranchisement.

Responsible leaders should be shocked by the idea that party officials can simply cancel elections in America if they don’t like what the voters may decide.

The only antidote to decades of ruinous rule by a small handful of elites is a bold infusion of popular will. On every major issue affecting this country, the people are right and the governing elite are wrong. The elites are wrong on taxes, on the size of government, on trade, on immigration, on foreign policy.

Why should we trust the people who have made every wrong decision to substitute their will for America’s will in this presidential election?

How have we gotten to the point where politicians defend a rigged delegate-selection process with more passion than they have ever defended America’s borders?

Perhaps it is because politicians care more about securing their private club than about securing their country.[1]

And first place trophy for Zero Hedge comments on Trump's article goes to HockeyFool for Cliff Notes version of last two years in American domestic politics:
The GOPe is full of lying bastards. Every one of them. They said, "Give us the senate, we'll repeal/replace 0bamacare." They didn't. They said, "We'll oppose 0bama's amnesty plans." They didn't. They lied. They had no intention of doing anything of the sort. And then they gave 0bama a blank check to do what he pleases.

So now, I am voting for Trump, if only to stick my thumb in their eye. But that's not where we're going to stop. We're gonna burn their [darn] party to the ground and [show displeasure] on the smoldering ash heap. This is about revenge now.

Second place trophy to LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD
"How Has The 'System' Worked Out For You?"

It depends.

Social Security "Disability" for able bodied people who can work but don't feel like working - AWESOME!!! HUGE increases.

Increases in EBT - AWESOME!!! HUGE increases.

"Free" housing allowance for people who don't feel like working - AWESOME!!! HUGE increases.

Walk'n around money for people who vote the "correct" way - AWESOME!!! HUGE increases.

People who work for a living, trying to pay the bills for the family on top of the bills of the FSA - NIGHTMARE.

50% of people pay ZERO federal taxes - have zero skin in the game. Why the hell would they not want more FREE $HIT FOR EVERYBODY? Yes, they are ignorant, not able to understand the reprecusions of such a massive, all-powerful, government. But they get their FREE $HIT.

[1] "Trump Asks 'How Has The 'System' Worked Out For You?'" By Donald Trump, Zero Hedge, 4/15/16. Reprinted from the Wall Street Journal (Zero Hedge formatting removed).

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