08 April 2016

'Orrid it was. 'Orrid.

Apparently this nonsense [Western museums' returning "stolen" artifacts] started in the late 1980s and has been getting worse ever since. According to a plausible theory advanced by sociologist John Torpey, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, utopians have given up scheming about how best to change the future and have instead sought to create a better world by trying to remake our relationship with the past.[1]
It seems to be the first impulse of leftists – to ask how they can milk ever last drop of ancestral cupidity, greed, lust, hypocrisy, oppression, overreach, misogyny, racism, and ignorance out of all that has gone before.

Human sacrifice in old-time Illinois.

[1] "Give thanks for the imperialist ‘tomb raiders.’ Without them, many of the artefacts now demanded back from museums simply wouldn’t have survived." By James Delingpole, The Spectator, 4/8/16.

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Joshua Sinistar said...

Those who seek to control the past have little future. They will say the Egyptians be black. They will try to say blacks built England. All you haters should know that Indians wrote the Constitution they'll screech. Oh the volume will be high, but those ratings go lower. Truth will out, and failure shall be their reward.