11 April 2016

Pearls of expression.

When the Pope kisses the feet of Muslims and recommends a “proper reading of the Koran” to his “faithful”, he equalises everything down to the same level as much as the sham-secular propaganda cadres in the institutions, whose credo smoothens Islam out on a plane between “religion of peace” and “cradle of science”. Since Islamic violence is deemed “abuse of faith”, Europe’s totalitarian tradition can be rehabilitated by protecting the Koranic licence to power under freedom of religion.
The E.U. is an authoritarian monstrosity designed to destroy the nation states of Europe. National Socialism is endlessly decried . . . while its return is enthusiastically accomplished through the back door.

"Europe’s Elites, EU Citizens and Islam." By Hans-Peter Raddatz, Die Presse.com, 3/6/16.

H/t: Gates of Vienna.

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Joshua Sinistar said...

Let this old poop throw his pearls to the swine. Let him welcome them to his bosom. Watch him smile and clench his teeth as they repay him with a public beheading. The foul mouth shall swim in the blood.