01 May 2016

Not buying the anti-Trump wavelet.

A couple of great comments from The Unz Review:
A big part of the Trump movement is the result of the masses believing that we no longer have a constitutional republic. Too many thousand-page bills and trade deals that no one gets to read are rubber stamped. The federal government refuses to enforce existing laws, or at the least picks and chooses which laws to enforce. De facto amnesty has been granted to millions of people who don’t belong.

Yet the Trump supporters ["Trumpistas"] are the problem? Trump only needs to enforce existing laws to make an impact. Yet enforcing laws seems to be autocratic by Douthat [author of NYT piece, "Give Us a King!"]. Oh, and throw in a reference to Putin. That’s double-plus-bad.

We get it. We are supposed to shut up, let the rulers replace our population and outsource our industry all while trying to start a war with Russia.[1]

The truth is that Trump is a moderate Republican who wants some sanity in our Government dealings regarding trade and immigration but otherwise is a pretty reasonable, middle of the road, american billionaire.

But evidently, even the slightest disagreement with the status quo means you’re “just like Hitler!!”[2]

[1] Comment by iSteveFan on "Douthat: 'Give Us a King!'" By Steve Sailer, The Unz Review, 5/1/16.
[2] Comment by Honesthughgrant on same article.

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