07 June 2016

Playing with fire.

It is also symptomatic of the entire anti-Russian narrative to ignore similar NGO activities by the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and even Spain through a great variety of platforms that they have established around the world, with an emphasis on former colonies or territories of historical interest.

Put in this context, the Russian efforts are exceedingly modest and would never justify the attention that they are receiving from Moscow’s detractors. But the broader lesson is that the authors of such reports never look in the mirror and ask what they themselves are doing. Everything Russia is doing is taken to be unique, calculating and sinister whereas the West’s actions set a gold standard for selflessness, generosity and good governance.[1]

Looking back at the run up to WWII, I invariably wonder what was so freaking urgent about jumping into that ghastly spasm of murder, bloodshed, pain, and destruction. Especially after the horror of WWI which was, like, a kleww that modern warfare was something terrible beyond all imaginings. But, no, those smug, scheming, blind pricks wanted to play at The Great Game and millions upon millions paid the price.

Apparently, this has all escaped the notice of the current crop of savants, saviors, and snakes who recklessly poke at the flanks of Russia and mouth garbage like "Arab Spring," "regime change," "Assad must go," and "Russian adeventurism."

At the conclusion of WWII, efforts to establish collective security and mechanisms to avoid catastrophes that had just happened were made with great fanfare and solemnity. It was all for nought and Obongo bombs and subverts the sovereign state of Syria (actual member of the United Nations) with impunity and no, that's no, resort to the mechanisms or principles of the U.N. and certainly not the U.S. Constitution.

The love of risk, war and death is as alive and vigorous as it has ever been. Ann Barnhardt might well be on to something.

[1] "Is It Too Late to Save Braindead Europe From Sleepwalking Toward War? "The momentum into a new Cold War – and possibly toward World War III – is growing stronger." By Gilbert Doctorow, Russia Insider, 6/7/16.

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