25 July 2016

"Conservatives" unmasked.

One of the great, great side benefits of the rise of Trump is the slipping of the mask of the smug, lilly-livered, lying, sneaky, conniving, useless, posturing, sellout oxygen thieves of the "right" who have cried mighty rivers of tears over the lost greatness of the American republic, limited government, and constitutionalism but done bugger all to reverse our slide into being a nation that is nothing more than a formless, brown, third-world glop.

On one of the most fundamental aspects of our Western tradition, Kevin Williamson had this to say:

As National Review #NeverTrump-er Kevin Williamson has suggested, “"the Democratic party and its undemocratic ‘superdelegate’ system sure is looking smart right about now."[1]
Nothing vexes these latte-drinking grandees than to have the unwashed citizens of fly-over country actually decide to change the political and social course of the country. They're perfectly comfortable with any measure that debases the Constitution so long as it can be squeezed under the heading of "market-based" and "meritocratic." An efficient, meritocratic tyranny is just the ticket. They will bow down before some pale, flaccid abstraction and spit on actual flesh-and-blood fellow citizens and the plain wording of the Constitution.

I think American politicians accrued a lot of trust and credibility in the long struggle with Stalinism and other forms of communist terror even though they were incapable of putting their finger on what exactly it was about communist theory that guaranteed the disasters their governments effected. To this day, communism is no more threatening than Christian Science or Mormonism to the smart set. Nonetheless, the general competence and patriotism visible in most of the major actors of those times was appreciated and we knew the general course of the nation was a correct one.

However, that trust and credibility spilled over into the politics that ensued after the fall of the Soviet Union and the morons and traitors who rose to prominence busily concerned themselves with locating and combating chimeras and will-o'-the-wisps like badness, un-Chinese dictators (brutal), "Islamism," "terror," "radical fundamentalist, Islamic Jihad," and the ghost of Josef Stalin risen from the grave to re-occupy the Kremlin in the person of the most evil man on the planet, Vladimir Putin. Not counting Bashar Assad of Syria. Words cannot describe the evil nature of that man.

If I ask how did we come to be ruled by such dweebs, twinks, and twits, the answer is that we either inherited them or they poured out of the woodwork of trusted institutions like cockroaches in the dark. We thought that today is like yesterday and there must have been some logical laying on of hands.

The full extent of the populist fury that's been fermenting and boiling up is not yet known but you can be sure that a lot of regular Americans are wide awake to the betrayals of the elites and the contempt they have for us.

[1] "If Trump Loses, a “Transformed” GOP Might Not Get a Second Chance." By Jim Jatras, Chronicles, 7/25/16.


Joshua Sinistar said...

People are realizing they've been lied to and they're pissed. A righteous fury has awakened an angry giant to a domestic parasite ruining our lives and our culture. The American people just wanted to be left alone. They wanted to live in peace their own way. The enemy is too stupid to allow that. Now they have nowhere to run and no place to hide. No friends left to do their fighting for them. They must run and hide, but they have nowhere to go anymore. They have soiled their nests and salted their fields. The TEA Party was the first signs of anger welling up, but they ignored and insulted it. Trump replaced the TEA Party but they will stop him too. The Next Wave should wash them away like a tsunami. Fascist and Hitler they call us. They have picked their poison, and they WILL DRINK IT.

Col. B. Bunny said...

The Treason Class is like an autoimmune disease that attacks healthy tissue. The "conservative" "never Trump" reaction is the perfect example of the T cells massing to destroy the patriotic presence in the body politic.