02 August 2016

Squandering the gift.

America: A gift in the process of being squandered and sacrificed by the ingratitude of her soft, effeminate, decadent, virtue signaling inheritors. What would Lovecraft have thought of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act and the resulting third world bazaar America has since inevitably become?
"The Great Men On Americanism." By Chateau Hartiste, 8/1/16.


Joshua Sinistar said...

America had a good run. Republics only usually last a couple of centuries. The Founding Fathers knew that their Constitution could only function in a mostly White nation filled with moral people who worked hard and didn't require supervision to do what was required of them. The garbage in Washington Today and the raw sewage from the Turd World they're importing to support them shows it no longer has a future.
Fascism is the only cure for this immoral communist fantasy made up by morons with a cabbage for a head. Choices are for those who are responsible and care about the future. Beggars can't be choosers. Losers can't have authority. And those who crave power are those who should never have it.
Like the Roman Republic, we have reached the end of the folly of voting. Voting starts as a franchise and ends as fools thieving from the productive. Democracy has never worked. The small population of the wise can never out vote the hordes of the easily deluded. Easy choices are always wrong, and that's all democracy ever offers. Life is hard, then you die. If you want a long life, you have to severely reduce the lives of the foolish and the criminal.
The Founding Fathers knew this experiment had a short life. The second amendment was added for the day that morality was no longer in a large enough supply and wide enough support to allow their great experiment in freedom to endure.
America is gone. Something else will take its place. It won't be globalism. The Rio olympics shows why. Rio is the global village these idiots are trying to make. It doesn't work there and it'll never work here. These morons with a cabbage for a head are already dead. Their Zombie Apocalypse just needs a shove to the early grave it deserves.

Col. B. Bunny said...

A very astute comment. Sorry to take so long to reply. The current presidential contest illustrates what you write. Apart from very general treatment of the issues of trade, offshoring, economic revitalization, and immigration the many issues that threaten the republic are simply not discussed. Hillary's corruption will not doom her candidacy with the terminally delusional who are giddy about those two X chromosomes. A stupid war is being waged in Syria outside of the Constitution and "victory" for us means disaster. "Defeat" would affect no national interest whatsoever.

The Venetian republic, I think it was, had a long run. It wasn't democratic but it had a complex power-sharing arrangement and people who rose high went through a substantial vetting. Allowing entry of ambitious people into the top ranks is healthy, esp. if total power is not handed directly to any new entrant (a la Hillary). Mobocracy is just nuts.

Only economic collapse will save us, I think, and the outcome of that is unknown. I hesitate to say fascism is a cure all but I would love to see us abandon the pretense of equality and a universal patriotism that is just assumed to exist. Being able to kill people who are found on your property after sundown, say, or who attack you in your car would be a good start. If you shoot and assailant intent on playing the knockout game with you and it turns out they have ever been arrested for assault, robbery, burglary, rape, or any other felony -- automatic justification. As it is now, you have to wait till the scumbag is swinging at your with five of his buddies a foot away before you can shoot and then good luck selling your version of what happened. We can get creative here, to include imposing outlaw status on people arrested as above and convicted. This charade of rehabilitation and youthful misjudgment has to stop.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Freedom requires responsibility. That is in short supply. Fascism is the only system that has a proven record of crushing Communism. Perhaps in the future we can attain a society with the responsible citizenry that can handle the freedoms we used to take for granted, but now that sort of optimism will kill us all. The euphoria of "winning" the Cold War seems to have blinded people to how Marxists now run our governments and schools. If this is Victory, defeat would seem little different.
Non-Whites seem not to even know or care about freedom. They seem comfortable being patronized and fed like pets. Citizens like these do not make for free societies. Mankind has a long history of slavery and freedom is a rather recent innovation. Not enough people know or value it to make it worthwhile to even go through the pretense. A period of dictatorship and war may do wonders to reteach Whites as to why freedom is valuable and worth fighting for. One day they might be up to the challenge of regaining their freedom, but for now, more immediate and existential threats need taking care of.