23 September 2016


The president of Daimler-Benz gave an interview about six months ago stating that for years now they have been waiting for such young and motivated potential workers. Bayer reminded everyone that in Europe many small emigrations are happening at the same time. Thousands of young people from Spain are migrating to South-America, Brits are migrating to Australia because they can’t find work here. From Hungary about 250,000 (by the leftists’ estimate, about half a million) left the country to work somewhere else in the EU, but the President of Daimler-Benz does not want these young European workers; he needs the Bedouin goat-herders and poppy-seed producers for a “motivated” workforce, the journalist commented cynically.
Zsolt Bayer in "Our Duty is to defend Europe," translation by CrossWare published at "What Kind of Europe do we Want Our Children to Inherit?" By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 9/22/16.

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Joshua Sinistar said...

Well it worked for Willie Wonka didn't it? He went to some primitive place where the tiny halfling natives with dark skin needed a safe place to go, and fired his entire workforce and replaced them with unqualified primitives. Its a Libertarian Fantasy with Leftist Pretensions of equality, cheap justice and the warm fuzzy feeling of helping primitives through slavery. Sweet in a candy coated insane maniac kind of way. But when Willie dies, he always has a young lad from a family of poor health and resources to help mismanage the whole thing into the ground. At least until those primitive natives start to kill people to leave that is.
We should call Merkel's Adventure, "Willie Wonka, and the New Jihadist Tragedy". Merkel will probably just ask,"Gee, did I do that?!"