01 October 2016

Agents of influence.

Is it clearer now?
In conclusion, one can say that this leaked Montenegrin government report has revealed the full extent to which both the German foreign minister Steinmeier and the top Merkel's advisor [Christoph] Heusgen, contrary to their public appearance and rhetoric, have been willing to act as the agents of the anti-Russian U.S. "war party" in Europe. This is a serious matter that needs to be taken into consideration not only by the German people whose representatives they purport to be, but also by the citizens of other EU nations, considering that similar agents of influence operate within their political elites as well. Without the timely discovery and political replacement of these individuals, another big-scale war in Europe may be around the corner.[1]
A footnote on the source of this quote, Newsbud. It's an attempt at independent journalism free of government, foundation, or advertiser influence. Worth a look and possibly your support. Up to you.

[1] "The Leaked Montenegrin Government Files: Part II – the U.S. Agents of Influence within the German Government." By Professor Filip Kovacevic, Newsbud, 9/29/16 (emphasis added).

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