31 October 2016


The FAC [Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.K. House of Commons] report on Libya tells an unnervingly similar story. The FAC was particularly concerned with how Libya had become a hotbed of terrorism after the overthrow of “Brother Leader” Muammar Gaddafi. One of the FAC witnesses, General David Richards, who was chief of UK defense staff at the time of the intervention, maintained that there was no sense at the time for how UK actions could potentially worsen the dangers posed by terrorist networks.[1]
Bear this thought in mind as the American political class and its MSM sycophants halloo for reckless, pointless confrontation with Russia some 102 years after the start of one of the last century's hideous episodes of slaughter and destruction.

As is true with all wars, no one on earth has any idea of what is being unleashed when war becomes state policy.

[1] "The End of Interventionism." By Alex de Waal, Boston Review, 10/13/16 (emphasis added).

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