November 9, 2016

Adios, Obongo.

Seventy-two days until it's wheels up for Barack Hussein Obama. Thank God for the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution.

Politicians who misunderstimate the Constitution are as common as planet-destroying CO2 but Obama is in a class peopled only by himself, FDR, Wilson, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (see here and here) who have had a positive contempt for it.

Thank God, too, for the electoral college and the worldwide web that has rendered the lying, hypocritical MSM irrelevant.

Hooray for Donald Trump and the American electorate that spared us four years of Hillary's shrill voice and ultra-leftist agenda.

With luck we'll now see Muslim subversives removed from positions of power or influence in the federal government, the republication of FBI and DHS training materials and operational manuals that are not fairy tales, and an end to the absurdity of the mantras of "religion of peace," "radical, jihadi Islamism," "multiculturalism," and "diversity is our strength." Insane hopes, I know.

Perhaps, too, we will see an end to the disgusting, uncritical worship of the foreigner that is determining the fate of all Western nations. Frans Timmermans, European Commission vice president had, for example, these words on the U.K. Brexit vote:

We have fallen into the trap of identity politics. If the driving force of the European construction is national, cultural or ethnic identity, then it will not survive.
It's exactly the opposite, of course. Brexit evidences a painfully tentative return to common sense on the part of the British. However, the most elementary common sense is mendaciously billed by a senior E.U. official as a threat to "Europe." In point of fact, it's the E.U. that's a threat to the native people of Europe and it's common sense that's a threat to the E.U.

Edited to correct number of remaining days.

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