14 November 2016

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The new and improved New York Times campaign to return to honest reporting has apparently been suffocated in the cradle:
At home, the hard-right Alternative for Germany party has scored a string of victories in state elections.[1]
"Hard-right," of course, means simple common sense and patriotism. It's a term that will never be published within a 1,000 miles of the term "hard-left," unless the Times allows it to happen accidentally.

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The title of the Times piece is also illuminating, with its description of Angela Merkel as the last defender of the "liberal" West. (Obama was one too!) "Liberal" here signifies a vicious attack on the German people by importing over a million useless Muslims and Africans to indulge in rape, enjoy a life on ease on the public dole, and turn public streets into mosques, "refugee" centers into hell holes, and public swimming pools into latrines.


"Liberalism" in the title also signifies using native German, AntiFa brown shirt thugs as a way of attacking Germans who express their fury at being dispossessed and and who demonstrate peacefully in the streets.

How else to explain the appointment of Anetta Kahane, the former Stasi informer, as the woman in charge of monitoring the internet for "xenophobic" comments? There's an appointment that virtually shouts out one's commitment to the key liberal right of free speech! (Kahane's views on open borders and "diversity" are the by-now-current mad views, and are yet another reason to understand that "liberalism" to Merkel and the New York Times means obliteration of whites. Sign me up!!)

Paying lip service to "democracy, freedom, as well as respect for the rule of law and the dignity of each and every person regardless of their origin, skin color, creed, gender, sexual orientation or political views" is apparently sufficient to establish Merkel's "liberal" credentials. Smale and Erlangernov, ace New York Times reporters, have the political acumen of children. Blowing airy lefty bubbles and indulging in lefty intimidation do not amount to liberalism.

[1] "Donald Trump’s Election Leaves Angela Merkel as the Liberal West’s Last Defender." By Alison Smale and Steven Erlangernov, New York Times. 12, 2016 (link omitted).

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