November 6, 2016

The destroyers of America.

Capitulation is in the air 4 days before the event. The reality that needs to be faced is that there is no unified idea of America any more. The demographic shift has killed it.

The greedy of all stripes want cheap labor and have flooded us with enough 3rd worlders to break our model.

So what can be done? We need a red/blue split however its done. The vast expanses of this country should not be ruled by screwballs in CA and New England and the ghetto rats and 3rd worlders who are their vehicles for expressing "democracy.

Our model was based on a European stock population. That's history other than in the deep red states and its disappearing there.

The worst of the lot here are the #nevertrumpers who hid behind "principles" and "conscience" to shield their shilling for cheap labor.

Ironically, what the destroyers of America will use to finish her off is the notion of "democracy" and fair play. They have been planning this for at least 50 years so no surprise that its going down almost without a glitch. Still a few wiildcards out there but time is running out.

Comment (paragraphs added) by johnwburns on "'Nothing Good Can Come Of This Election' ...And That's Good." By Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds, 11/4/16 (republished at Zero Hedge).

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